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Die V4 RR von Norton spielt schon in einer ganz eigenen Liga. Ein mehr als außergewöhnliches Motorrad. Uns fehlen da die Worte.

Es wurden vor dem Ausgleich von Norton nur mehr wenige dieser Wunder gebaut und geliefert. Genau ein Stück V4 RR wurde nach Österreich geliefert.
Der neue Norton Eigentümer TVS wird die V4 weiter produzieren.





Type: Norton 72-degree liquid-cooled V4, 1200cc.

Chain-driven cams with idler gear for reduced engine height.

Titanium inlet valves. Slipper clutch

Displacement: 1200cc

Cooling System: Liquid-cooled

Bore x Stroke: 82 mm x 56.8 mm

Fuel injection: Electronic fuel-injection system. Constantly variable inlet tracts. 8-fuel injectors. Full drive-by-wire system independent of front and rear banks of cylinders for ultimate control and feel.

Compression ration: 13.6:1

Power: 200 bhp + at 12,500 rpm

Torque: 130 Nm at 10,000 rpm

Euro 4: Full compliance including oil thermostat, knock sensors, secondary air injection and EVAP



Instruments: Full-colour 7-inch HD display with multiple functions. Engine mode adjustability including: Road, Track, and Pro-Race

Quickshift: Full quickshift system and auto down blipper

Electronic aids: Multi-setting traction-control, wheelie control, launch control and cruise control. Uses six-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)

Built-in datalogger: Full data-logging capability including: lap times, max lean angle, max speed, max throttle and max braking force

Engine modes: Road, Sport, Pro-Race

Ignition: Keyless ignition system

Lighting: Full LED lighting system including super bright low beam & high beam, angel eye DRLs, rear lamps and indicators



Type: Twin tube chassis, cast outriggers and headstock, polished tubes. Engine acts as a structural member.

Adjustable geometry: Chassis is fully-adjustable including swingarm pivot and adjustable rake angle. 23.9 degree steering head angle as standard set-up.

Swingarm: Braced and underslung single-sided cast swingarm. 570 mm long, design developed in conjunction with SG5 TT race bike.

Wheelbase: 1,430 mm

Dry weight: 179 kg


Note: Chassis design was developed at the world's most rigorous race track - the Isle of Man TT. The geometry, weight distribution & ergonomics were all tested and developed on the SG5 TT race bike which finished seventh at the Superbike TT and achieved a near 130 mph average speed lap in 2016 at the hands of Australian rider David Johnson.


Front suspension: Ohlins NIX30 system front fork. Fully-adjustable.

Rear suspension: Ohlins TTXGP Norton bespoke fully-adjustable rear shock.

Steering damper: Ohlins damper

Fork yokes: Billet top and bottom

Front wheel: Forged

Rear wheel: Forged

Front brake: 2 x 330 mm full-floating discs. Radially-mounted Brembo monobloc calipers. Brembo discs and Brembo master cylinder.

Rear brake: Single 245 mm disc. Brembo caliper and master cylinder



Bodywork: Full carbon-fibre. Available in either carbon-fibre, or chrome

Fuel Tank: Underseat MotoGP-style 18-litre fuel tank is all carbon-fibre, with Kevlar reinforcement and chemically coated internally to meet fuel resistance standards.

Footrests: Forged footrests, footplates and carbon heel guard.



Full titanium race system aftermarket tune, approx 8 kg lighter and approx 10 bhp+ as optional accessory



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